Last Minute Gift for the Typophile Geek: 9 Typography books.

This humble blog began some months ago, until this date we have posted 9 wonderful books about lettering, typography and calligraphy. In case you forget the gift for your graphic designer geeky friend here is a recap of all the books featured here, a perfect gift for the typophile or the amateur designer avid of know more about this beautiful discipline (click on the name of every one to see more details):

  1. The Geometry of Type by Stephen Coles.
  2. Thinking With Type by Ellen Lupton.
  3. New Ornamental Type: Decorative Lettering in the Digital Age.
  4. Little Book Of Lettering by Emily Gregory.
  5. Helvetica and the New York City Subways System: The True (Maybe) Story.
  6. Type Matters! by Jim Williams.
  7. Hand to Type: Scripts, Hand-Lettering and Calligraphy by R. Klanten.
  8. Calligraffiti: The Graphic Art of Neils Shoe Meulman
  9. Scripts: Elegant Lettering from Design’s Golden Age

In case you want a light review of this books you can visit typographybooks.tumblr.com and see more details.

Have a Merry Christmas guys!



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Danielle Evans is a child of the Midwest. She has inhabited steel towns of western Pennsylvania, vast plains of Indiana, and everywhere in between before settling in picturesquely urban Columbus, Ohio. She derives great pleasure in walking everywhere and playing soccer in the park. She waffles between calling herself a designer and illustrator, due to the narrative nature of her work. Delighting in lettering and typography, she uses paper cutting, food, chalk, calligraphy, brush pens, and digital practices to achieve her solutions. The process is surprising and often organic, staving off most OCD compulsions.

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