Maybelline “Confidence” ads. SO happy with how the colors in these turned out in printing and matting. To clarify, these are not real Maybelline ads, they were created for an advertising class.

EDIT: This is important. This means a lot to me. I legitimately believe a huge mistake was made today.

These ads were a part of my portfolio into the advanced advertising program at my school. About half of the people who apply get in. I got into the first two creative classes, intro and intermediate, and I was confident I would get into advanced… especially after I posted these on tumblr and in a matter of a few hours got THOUSANDS of notes with people saying that they loved them, most people even believing they were real advertisements and not something a 21 year old student made for class.

The only reservation I had was that my portfolio was being judged by two older men. Two men who have never worn makeup in their lives. Two men who would probably not even begin to understand what this campaign means. Two men who have never been under societal pressures to wear makeup, but then being told they’re insecure for doing so.

Those reservations might have been founded, as evidenced by the fact that I did not get in. I was rejected. I got over 5,500 notes on these ads in 24 hours, yet I was rejected for not being good enough. I can’t finish the program, and I have to figure out where to go from here.

Now to the good stuff: Tumblr is amazing. Everyone who has reblogged this, whether your comments were negative or positive, is amazing. I find it truly astounding that these have gotten so much attention. These, which are advertisements selling you something, something people inherently dislike. I am humbled, shocked, and grateful. This is the first time since I’ve been in advertising that I felt like I was doing something right… that maybe, just maybe, I could make it in this industry and make a positive change.

Those dreams were squashed today. I cried, and I complained. I’m angry — but not at myself like I thought I would be. I feel they made a mistake. I refuse to believe that I’m in the bottom 50% of the people who applied. I deserve to be in that program, and I know it. Thousands of people can’t be wrong that this is a good idea. An idea that MEANS something, and idea that resonates with many people. 2 older, conventional men can absolutely be wrong when it comes to judging what makes a good makeup ad.

Here’s where you come in. Let’s make them regret their decision. Reblog this, like it, comment on it, whatever. Let’s get this attention… so much attention that they can’t ignore it. While the decisions are most likely final, I want to make them think twice. I want them to look back, and believe that they fucked up. If it doesn’t even benefit me personally, I want them to think about how fair a panel of 2 male judges is when it comes to evaluating work done by women, for an audience that consists of predominantly people who identify as women.

So let’s do this. They fucked up; I deserved to be accepted. I know it, and I have a feeling you guys know it too.